bottBoxes - Small parts perfectly organised

bottBoxes - Small parts perfectly organised

The bottBox is an award-winning innovation from bott: It organises the small parts and facilitates practical access to them. bott developed this product to be used in industry, in workshops and also in service vehicles. You can remove the viewing window in the bottBox and move it towards the back. This way, the pane can sort out the small parts required and the material can easily be taken from the front area of the bottBox, making the bottBox usable as a service tray.

With coloured clips at the front, bottBoxes can be arranged systematically on the shelf. The bottBox can also be labelled on the rear side. The bottBoxes can therefore be used in a cubio cupboard, in bott vario in-vehicle equipment or in an avero workplace or workstation system. The bottBox received the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Award in 2015 for its innovative properties and extraordinary product design.

Stow small parts safely in the vehicle

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