bott has fully kitted out six different laboratories with workbenches and storage solutions at the University of Portsmouth. The installation took place as part of a major refurbishment programme in the Anglesea Building, which houses the University’s School of Engineering.

More than 85 bott benches and cupboards from the cubio Range were supplied to answer a detailed specification brief for the lecture rooms and practical laboratories in the Anglesea Building. The project was designed to offer students more attractive workspaces, while ensuring sensitive and valuable equipment is well-organised and safely stowed when not in use.

The department houses a wide range of facilities for its students, from scopes, network analysers, PCs and other electronic equipment for measurement purposes to analogue testers, circuit boards, hardware/software development tools and robotics.

Case Study: University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth: workshop equipment

As part of the project package, bott provided a full consultancy service, working closely with the department to develop its ideal combination of benches and cupboards. This system allowed the bott design team to specify tailor made solutions to meet the university’s requirements for bespoke sizes, shapes and colour scheme.

The university opted for solid beech worktops, combined with a blue and grey colour scheme for the complementary storage cupboards, benches and drawers.

In the current climate, where universities need to be more competitive to compensate for rising fees, students are increasingly choosy about where they study. We’ve helped the University of Portsmouth create a really attractive and vibrant working space for its students, as after all, a clean and smart work area can help to both improve efficiency as well as promote a more motivational environment for students to work and study in. As British manufacturers ourselves, we are also proud to be supporting this investment into the next generation of quality British engineers.

 Clive Woodward, CEO of bott


The School of Engineering at the University of Portsmouth offers a range of courses in the academic study of mechanical, manufacturing, electronic, communications, computer and petroleum engineering, product design and computer networking.


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